The 'Why'

Don’t worry. This is not the part where I am telling you about disrupting anything or solving everything with design. I'm around for more than 12 years because I enjoy pushing pixels to create something meaningful.

I’m a versatile designer who knows the tools to create experiences that work for your users, and ultimately, for your business. You can (and should!) challenge me with the bigger picture that may extend well beyond visual design. If you just need your PowerPoint to look pretty, I’m the wrong guy.


Digital Prototypes
MVP Facilitation
App Design
Web Design

Focus areas

Design Systems
Screen Design
Dev-Design Pairing




The 'How'

I want to understand everything about your product, your strategy and your goals. Based on that, I will use my expertise to narrow down the problems to be solved – making broken things look pretty is not my deal. I'm a team player and used to give and receive critique. While I enjoy responsibility and don't shy away from decision making, I love to hear everyone's ideas to strengthen identification with what we are building.

To ensure a smooth and effective design process, I work with Figma exclusively. Coming from a tedious Sketch+InVision routine, that's a breath of fresh air for all of us. Bringing in resources from Sketch or other Adobe XD is not a problem for me, but don't expect me to deliver any work in these tools.

Detail-oriented professionalism

I know my tools very well and have a structured process to deliver work on time and up to the desired standard. That involves planning, connecting and doing the pixel-perfect work for e.g. icon sets, animations or development hand-off.

Communication and Empathy

I believe in honest feedback and transparency – keeping an eye on the individual needs and feelings both of co-workers and clients. No surprises, much more fun.

Close to code 

Using modern Auto Layout and Variants features from design software, I deliver work very close to coding standards. Structured files with named layers up to complete Design Systems are reasons why developers love to work with me.

Swiss knife vibes

Coming from print and typography, I have a very good eye for spacing and details. I know my way around animations, code and all kinds of design work to deliver some extras – or to know when to bring in more skilled people from my network.

Let's get started.

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